High-Quality adhesives and sealants without any solvents

The formulation of solvent and water-free adhesives or sealants without sacrificing performance has always been a challenge. Bayer MaterialScience’s 100% Solids raw materials meet these requirements perfectly.

Prepolymers of the Desmodur® E range are the raw materials of choice for this technology. These one-component systems are easy to apply and can be adjusted to meet any specific requirement.

Another product range for this technology are the silane terminated prepolymeres of the Desmoseal® S series, which combine the advantages of polyurethane and silicon technologies in an ideal way.

The properties of these products can be tailored exactly to the specific application by additional use of aromatic or aliphatic polyisocyanates.

Have a look at this additional information:

PIC / Prepo Products

Please discuss your requests regarding formulation and properties with our specialists.

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