Solvent based adhesive systems

For a long time solvent based adhesive systems have been a well established and proven bonding technology for a wide variety of adhesives. Bayer MaterialScience provides raw materials for the production of reactive and non-reactive adhesives and polychloroprene systems.

Combinations of Desmodur® polyisocyantes with Desmophen® polyoles have been representing the market standard for solvent based two-component adhesive systems for many years. They cover a wide range of potential applications. Due to the multitude of possible combinations they can be adjusted according to any required bonding speed or processing conditions. The bonds are suitable for almost all substrates, they resist mechanical stesses, high temperatures and still remain very flexible. The fact that they are very resistent against oils and solvents also make them very popular, e.g. in the automotive industry for glazing adhesives and large surface applications.

Desmocoll® is a hydroxyl-polyester polyurethane which comes in granules that are to be dissolved in organic solvents.The popularity of Desmocoll®-based adhesives comes from their outstanding adhesion on many different substrates, even on challenging ones like plastisizer containing PVC. This makes them particularly suitable for the footwear, the packaging and the furniture industries, as well as in DIY applications.

Baypren® is a polychloroprene manufactured in a unique process. It is an excellent raw material choice for contact adhesives that need to develop a good initial strength.

Pergut® is the trade name for a group of chloroprene rubber materials. Bayer MaterialScience offers these products with a particularly low content of tetrachloromethane (C Cl4).

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