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Internal activation: Fast-drying waterborne 2K coatings with long pot life
A proprietary Bayer MaterialScience technology known as internal activation has solved the problem of conventional catalyzed waterborne 2K polyurethane coatings that cure fast but have a short pot life. Find out more about how internally activated Bayhydrol® polyols speed up curing without sacrificing pot life here.

Viverso sold to Nuplex Industries
At the end of October 2011, Bayer MaterialScience announced it had agreed to sell its Viverso subsidiary to Nuplex Industries. In December the anti-trust authorities approved the deal. More

Beneficial binders in glass and carbon fiber sizing
Glass-fiber reinforced plastics (GRPs) are found in cars, household appliances, sports equipment and numerous other everyday items. But before glass fibers can reinforce plastics, they are usually pretreated by sizing. Find out why Baybond® polyurethane dispersions are extremely beneficial as binders for glass and carbon fiber sizes here.

Latent-reactive adhesive films: High-quality bond when the heat is on
Latent-reactive adhesive films that are non-tacky at room temperatures but achieve a tacky state at temperatures in excess of 50° C. bring clear benefits in applications as varied as decorative films or forgery-proof documents. Find out more about these benefits here.

Discover something new in polycarbonate diols!
Sunshine, water and heat are still a challenge for polymeric coating systems. But polyurethane systems formulated with high-quality building blocks such as Desmophen® C polycarbonate diols display the hydrolytic stability, lightfastness, weatherability and chemical resistance to master these challenges. Find out why here.

Self-healing coatings: relax – no scratch!
The dream of self-healing coatings where scratches simply disappear has come true in applications as varied as car paintwork and office furniture. Raw materials from Bayer MaterialScience form the basis for these self-healing polyurethane coatings. More

Ultra-low monomer: meeting the market's needs
The coating and adhesive market is increasingly looking for a combination of consistently high product performance and an improved ecological profile. Find out how the new ultra-low monomer quality of Desmodur® UL-75 XP meets these needs here.

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