Reducing downtime significantly with site applied UV curing technology for flooring applications

Being a pioneer in research on UV-curing coating raw materials for industrial applications, we have now developed a technology that transfers the benefits of quality and speed of industrial UV-curing floor coatings to on-site applications. The coating is completely dry and sandable immediately after curing with a portable UV-lamp, which allows to apply up to three to four coating layers in just one day. After the last top coat is applied and cured the floor can be put back to service without any further downtime.

The most important benefits in a nutshell:
    • Coating and "Back-to-service" of the flooring in record time, immediately after onsite UV-curing
    • Solvent-free
    • Environmentally friendly and low-emission coating formulations
    • Conforms with the German regulation on indoor emissions of construction products: AgBB
    • Highest quality polyurethane chemistry, water-based or 100% solid systems
    • Easy and safe handling (1-component technology)
    • Time and cost advantages due to a fast renovation process and short downtimes
    • Versatile application options (e.g. wood, plastics, polyurethane, epoxy, concrete substrates)
    • Maximum freedom to formulate
See how the project time is reduced in comparison with conventional 1K and 2K coating technologies:
Project time UV-coating vs. conventional 1 K & 2 K coating
Our experts can provide details on coatings manufacturers and equipment companies that are familiar with this technology. Examples: For mobile UV-lamps you may get in touch with Decorad or Sadechaf. For addresses of applicators we recommend to contact the coatings manufacturers.

A selection of waterbased dispersions for UV-curing wood coatings.

Solids content
Viscosity mPa.s
Bayhydrol® UV 2792 XP
39% in water
< 100
Excellent grain wetting and tannin blocking, good adhesion, particularly suitable for wood primers
Bayhydrol® UV XP 2687
49% in water
50 - 500
Excellent grain wetting, high solids, good adhesion, particularly suitable as primer for wood
Bayhydrol® UV 2317
37% in water
15 - 80 sec.
High wet film transparency, physical drying, good resistance, easy to matt, particularly suitable for topcoats
Bayhydrol® UV 2280
39% in water
12 - 70 sec.
Outstanding physical drying, sandable before UV-curing, high reactivity with low photoinitiator content

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