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Applications of polyurethane coatings

Customized formulation and a wide range of property profiles has established polyurethane technology in a large number of coating applications today. There are also grades that allow high solid formulations complying easily with currrent solvent emission requirements.

4Two-component polyurethane coatings have become established in all areas where high coating quality needs to be achieved under efficient curing conditions. One-component polyurethane coatings based on blocked poly­isocyanates (e.g. Desmodur® BL) are used when typical polyurethane coating properties need to be achieved with one-component processing [4].
Aromatic two-component polyurethane systems are mainly used in wood finishes, in corrosion-protection applications and for floor coatings in the construction area. Coatings based on aliphatic poly­isocyanates can be used universally. They were first used in aircraft paints. In particular, their fast curing at ambient temperature together with excellent light stability of the finish, even to high-UV radiation, was crucial.

Applications of polyurethane coatings
Fig. 9: Typical areas of application of polyurethane coatings: finishes for large vehicles, corrosion protection, construction applications, wood finishes and automobive paints

Today, polyurethane coatings are established in the automotive refinish and large vehicle coating areas and in metal, wood, plastic, glass and textile coating. They are widely used in ship paints, and about one in four cars produced worldwide today is coated with a polyurethane clear coat. Polyurethanes are also widespread in construction applications, such as floor and balcony coatings and pipeline coatings, where they are rapidly increasing in importance, too.

[4] www.aktuelle-wochenschau.de/woche12/woche12.html, Abb.8 und Abb.5 (german)

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